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Our ultimate commitment that complements
your ultimate driving machine®
Your time is valuable and we will always respect it.
We will always offer you a test drive and help you find the BMW that fits your needs.
Your BMW's features and functions will be explained in the time frame and manner you prefer.
We endeavor to service your BMW right the first time, every time.
Your new BMW will be delivered in showroom condition, and after each service, it will be washed and vacuumed.
We will greet you promptly and welcome you into our warm, inviting and comfortable facility.
We will keep you informed of vehicle delivery or service delays.
Alternate transportation will be provided when appropriate.
We will clearly explain all service requirements and charges.
You will be contacted promptly in the method you prefer after each inquiry or visit.
Expect the exceptional.
Owning a BMW isn't only about hitting the road. It's also about getting the treatment you deserve. The BMW Exceptional Customer Service Commitment is our promise to bring you the superior service that's an essential part of your ultimate driving experience.
Our ultimate commitment to our customers.